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Klang Facility Management and Maintenance

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Canteen services / Food Solution for factory and warehouse at Klang

Often the Restaurant or Canteen is the core of our catering solution providing breakfast, lunch and dinner.Klang Group Engineering & Construction gives you a solution which is based on quality, health, sustainability and experiences. The KGEC Canteen solution is based on a strong platform that can be adapted to your specific needs. The Restaurant or Canteen must reflect your business and employee needs, relaxing, practical, welcoming and very often multifunctional spaces. Whatever your needs we can offer the best practical advice and support from design through to implementation.  Your workday has significantly overrun, you now have limited or no time to stop off at the supermarket on the way home to buy the family evening meal. KGEC provides an optional Take Away solution, where you and your employees can order dinner to bring home via our Take Away App. This is just one of a number of solutions KGEC have developed and are developing to give you more control over when, were and

Canteen and Catering Services for Companies and Warehouse Pulau Indah Klang

Creating the ultimate workplace experience for employees is a great way to attract and retain talent.  Time and again, our surveys and research reinforce the value employees place on catering and how important it is for them to have access to an inspiring and welcoming cafeteria where they can select meals from a range of menu options, which are healthy, offer variety, meet special dietary needs and provide well-balanced, nutritional benefits to keep them energised and refreshed during their day.   Offering outstanding dining options on-site is one way you can make your workplace particularly attractive.  At the same time, you need your on-site dining program to be cost effective.  You want catering options that encourage a healthy bottom line as well as healthy, engaged employees. Our catering solutions are tailored to your needs and are designed to engage employees while delivering a healthy bottom line that adds value to your business. At Klang Group Engineering & Co


Dear Valued Customers, We would like to announce that we are changing the brand for our asphalt material and tack coat products comes with 5 years warranty.The new premium grade of tar asphalt will be more durable, compatible with our new brand identity, Quality of Workmanship and marketing strategy. We hope to receive your support during the changing period. Should you have any questions or requests regarding product,road works or earth works, please feel free to contact us at 0168555527 # BetterQuality # Durable # PremiumGredAsphalt # Premiumtar # Roadworks # Earthworks # SelangorAsphaltCompany WWW.KLANGEC.COM

Earth work and land cleaning company in selangor.

EarthWorks.  Our Klang Group Engineering & Construction earthworks services include land clearing, demolition, rock breaking, mass excavation, deep basement excavation, foundation excavation, earth di sposal, earth filling and shore protection etc. on variety of projects large and small, commercial and residential.  Before Site Clearing (Total 4000/m2) After Site Clearing (3 Days) # earthworks # asphalt # tar # roadbuilder # steelworks # drainage   For more Info kindly mail us at 016-8555527 Mr Jack